Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

We are pleased to offer our patients safe and effective tooth whitening by combining in-surgery and home tooth whitening at the highly competitive price of £400.00 inclusive.

APPOINTMENT 1: (approx 1/2 hour)
Assessment and impressions for full mouth whitening trays.

APPOINTMENT 2: (1 week later, approx 1 hour)
In-surgery tooth whitening using gel and special light to activate and accelerate the effect of the material.
The above “kick start” is followed by provision and instruction in the use of a home bleaching kit to solidify the colour change.

The whitening can often last a considerable time, dependent on, for example, diet. However, it is quite easy to relighten the teeth using the same methods and it is noted that any relightening often takes far less time than the original.

Tooth whitening has much scientific evidence to support it. For example, home whitening has been shown to be absolutely safe with any side effects, like sensitivity, being transitory and ceasing once the whitening stops.

Tooth whitening has a significant part to play in cosmetically improving our appearance and unlike many of the techniques available to dentists, it is non-invasive.

If you would like to benefit from a whiter, brighter smile, please mention this to Christina, our receptionist, when you make your appointment. Dr Tadaion will be happy to discuss things further with you under no obligation.

The quoted fee of £400.00 is inclusive of all clinical, laboratory and whitening kit costs.