Emax Veneers

What Are Emax Veneers?

There are various types of veneers available nowadays, each with different properties.  Normally they are categorised as either the more traditional ‘feldspathic’ veneers or the more cutting edge ceramic porcelains veneers such as Emax.

Once one of our team of dentists takes an impression of your teeth, the veneers are contoured and shaped in wax to make the desired shape and design.  They are then cast and the mould has molten porcelain forced into it to produce the finished veneer.

This form of fabrication means that Emax Veneers have a higher level of durability and strength, which makes it possible for them to thinner than normal, meaning little to no preparation and drilling to the supporting teeth.

Additionally, because of their strength and the fact they can be produced in thinner layers meaning they have higher edge strength, avoiding chipping.

Emax Veneer Treatment

Dentists use veneers to improve the cosmetic aesthetics of teeth, normally those 6 to 10 teeth that make up the smile zone and use to enhance the teeth position, shape and colour.


If your teeth are not in quite the right position, veneers can be used to align them with the others.


If your teeth are small and you need bulk to make them fuller, more visible and much more expressive, then veneers can be used; as well as making any chipped teeth look complete again.  As the porcelain covers all of the front area of the tooth, the thickest part replaces the chip.


We can find a precise shade of porcelain to help with a stained or discoloured tooth; or the porcelain can be used to to lighten or change the colour of a whole section of teeth, such as the upper ones.


Before you are booked into any veneer treatment with one of our team, you will be assessed for treatment sustainability by one of our cosmetic dentistry experts.  During this consultation you will be given guidelines

Colour and Impression

After consultation, the dentist will take a mould of your teeth and then use a shade guide to find the matching colour to the surrounding teeth.  This mould is then used to create your Emax Veneers.  Once created they are then stained and glazed.


Before bonding begins, our dentist will show you the veneer to make sure you are happy with how it looks.  When you are satisfied, your veneer will then be bonded to the surface of the supporting tooth using a special glue.  We will always make sure your bite is right and make any last minute adjustments.

A check-up every year coupled with a good dental hygiene routine including flossing as well as brushing, is important to keeping your veneers and existing teeth strong and looking great.

Find out today from one of our team if Emax Veneers are right for you by calling us on 020 7228 2846 for more information.